Sonic Colours Ultimate s'améliore sur PS4, One, Switch et PC

Sonic Colours Ultimate de Blind Squirrel Entertainment est passé hier en version 3.0 sur PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch et PC Windows.

"Sonic Colours: Ultimate, the adrenaline-pumping, remaster of the beloved 2010 Nintendo Wii platformer, Sonic Colours, has revealed an accolades trailer for the game, viewable here.

Sonic Colours: Ultimate has also revealed a patch adding a new Celebration Pack, quality of life updates and general updates to the game -- more details are below:

Celebration Pack

New free customizable content for Sonic, including:

Burst Shoes

Burst Gloves

Fireworks Boost

Fireworks Aura

Quality of Life Updates

Ultimate mix / Original music soundtrack toggle

Full screen boost blur effect on/off toggle

Tails navigation on/off toggle

Full screen movie playback from the options satellite

Improved visibility for Cyan Wisp targeting line

General Fixes

Improved stability on all platforms

Updates to specific enemy attack speeds

Improved Green Hover Wisp ring dash functionality

Improved visibility of Big Chaser attack visual effects (for Nintendo Switch specifically)

Various bug fixes throughout the game

Now more Colourful than ever with enhanced visuals and graphics, refined controls and many more gameplay upgrades, Sonic Colours: Ultimate is available both digitally and physically on PlayStation®4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch™, with a digital-only release on PC via the Epic Games Store for £34.99."

[MAJ] Ce patch 3.0 pour Sonic Colours Ultimate a été distribué au Japon sur PlayStation 4 et Nintendo Switch le jeudi 23 décembre 2021.



J'ai fait l'aventure (plutôt sympa comme Sonic) avec l'ancienne màj zéro problème, je m'attaque l'egg shuttle le dernier trophée pour avoir le platine avec cette nouvelle màj et là par deux reprises en utilisant le wisp lazer je retrouve bloquer dans des éléments du décors...Aller recommence...