Total War Warhammer III disponible sur Mac dès demain

Feral Interactive annonce la sortie de Total War Warhammer III sur Mac, dès demain le jeudi 5 mai 2022. Le RTS est paru sur PC Windows le 17 février 2022.

"SEGA® Europe Ltd, The Creative Assembly Ltd, and Feral Interactive are proud to announce the launch of Total War: WARHAMMER III for macOS on May 5th. A game of mind-blowing proportions that marks a fresh evolution for the beloved Total War franchise, WARHAMMER III is based on the renowned Warhammer Fantasy Battle tabletop wargame from Games Workshop®.

WARHAMMER III plunges players into a cataclysmic power struggle between mortals and daemons with each aiming to save or exploit the power of a dying god. Featuring seven diverse playable races - including the video-game debuts of Grand Cathay and Kislev - alongside ground-breaking new features such as the Realm of Chaos campaign, eight-player multiplayer, and the customisable RPG-like Daemon Prince Legendary Lord.

Alongside these lands is the Prologue campaign, a new Total War experience, perfect for brand-new players and those requiring a refresher course on the mechanics of the game. Within this mode, players will learn basic and advanced techniques of generalship and engage in a narrative experience that leads into the main campaign.

This initial macOS release of Total War: WARHAMMER III requires Apple Silicon. The game is officially supported on all Macs with an Apple M1 chip or better, as reflected in the game’s system requirements:

OS: macOS 12.0.1

Processor: Apple M1 (8‑Core CPU) or better


Graphics: Apple M1 (7‑Core GPU) or better

Storage: 125 GB

For more information about Total War: WARHAMMER III visit the Total War FAQ. Purchase directly from the developers at the Total War: WARHAMMER III store or Steam."