Yakuza 0 : une soundtrack sur vinyle chez Laced Records

Yakuza 0
Yakuza 0

Laced Records annonce aujourd'hui une soundtrack Yakuza 0 sur vinyle, avec une édition normale et une édition limitée. Elle paraîtra en octobre 2021.

"SEGA and Laced Records have formed a pact to present the music of Yakuza 0 (Ryū ga Gotoku Zero: Chikai No Basho) on vinyl with two distinct sets.

The 6LP box set features 90 tracks including fan-favourite karaoke numbers "24-hour Cinderella" and "Bakamitai." All music has been specially remastered for vinyl and will be pressed onto audiophile-quality, heavyweight 180g LPs. These come in printed sleeves, all housed in a rigid board box. The Limited Edition, exclusive to Laced Records, sports colour-in-colour discs; while the Standard Edition features traditional black.

The double LP set features 27 remastered tracks picked by the Yakuza team. Two heavyweight 180g LPs in light blue and green will come in printed inner sleeves, all housed in a widespined outer sleeve.

First released in Japan in 2015, Yakuza 0 is an action-adventure game that puts players in the shoes of series stalwart Kazuma Kiryu and recurring character Goro Majima. The game received critical acclaim for its many gameplay styles, idiosyncratic humour and heartfelt characters. The prequel found fans all across the globe, and is generally held as the entry that tipped the series from being a cult favourite to a mainstream franchise in the West.

The game’s vibrant soundtrack includes a modern — yet often ‘80s-inflected — blend of pop, rock and electronic dance styles. The vast array of composition and production talent was led by long-time SEGA composer Hidenori Shoji.

The Yakuza 0 (Original Game Soundtrack) 6LP and double LP sets can be pre-ordered now via www.lacedrecords.com (US customers) and www.lacedrecords.co (rest of world)


6LP box set – GBP £100 | USB $120

Double LP – GBP £33 | USD $35

Approximate shipping month: October 2021

For more information on Yakuza visit: https://yakuza.sega.com"


Je suis faible....
Le moindre article me permettant de compléter ma collection je prends 😭
Serais bien que je vous envoie les photos un de ces jours.
Mais grave, fais péter les photos sur le forum !

Sinon ce serait bien qu'on ait l'artwork définitif, parce que le titre seul sur un fond noir c'est pas très engageant quand c'est pour la collec plus que pour l'écoute.