Valkyria Azure Revolution introduit l'Empereur Claudius

SEGA Games confirme très officiellement aujourd'hui un nouveau personnage principal de Valkyria Azure Revolution, le RPG PS4 de Media Vision.

Il s'agit ainsi de l'empereur Claudius Powlovich Kiev, qui est à la tête de l'Empire Rus. Il est par ailleurs aidé dans sa lourde tâche par la Valkyria, Brunhild.

Voici le descriptif en anglais de ces personnages réalisé par Gematsu. Valkyria Azure Revolution sort en fin d'année exclusivement sur PS4 sur l'Archipel.

Claudius Powlovich Kiev

The Emperor of the Rus Empire, one of the five major empires of Europa. Because he was born in troubled times, he bore the ambition of becoming a leader, and became a hero that turned the once small Rus Kingdom into a great empire in a single lifetime.

Followed by the immortal Valkyria feared as the “God of Death,” he invaded other countries against the backdrop of his military power, rapidly and forcibly expanding his influence. With his tactical genius and political ability, he rules under military law.


The immortal Valkyria feared as the “God of Death.” She is in a contract with Emperor Claudius to protect the Rus Empire. With a body unscathed by swords and bullets, she stands before those that oppose her and reaps the life from them with her “Song of Death.”