Persona 4 Dancing All Night détaille ses modes de jeu

Atlus USA divulgue de nouvelles informations à propos de son rhythm game Persona 4 Dancing All Night sur PS Vita.

L'éditeur nous parle ainsi des quatre modes principaux du jeu, en anglais. De nouvelles images mettent aussi en avant ses modes Story et Free Dance, ainsi que des costumes pour les personnages jouables Chie, Naoto, Rise, Teddie et Yu.

Ce spin-off de Persona 4 sort dès demain au Japon et en fin d'année en Amérique.

Story Mode

Persona 4: Dancing All Night‘s story mode is presented in similar format to Persona 4 Arena and Persona 4 Arena Ultimax‘s. It follows the Investigation Team as they solve the mystery behind the Midnight Stage and how it ties in to Rise and her junior group, Kanamin Kitchen.

Free Dance Mode

Free Dance mode lets you practice the game's songs and aim for that personal high score. You can try out the songs with the difficulty, partner, and costume of your choosing.


At Tanaka's Amazing Commodities, you can purchase character costumes and more with P$ earned from performing well during songs.


Music player, character profiles, gallery, high scores and online leaderboards, and more.