Dungeon of the Endless en baisse sur PS4 et Nintendo Switch

Dungeon of the Endless de Playdigious et Amplitude est en promotion à -40% sur le PS Store et l'eShop en Europe, dès à présent et jusqu'au 13 septembre 2020.

"Summer is almost over, so let's enjoy it while we still can! To make sure you can relax in the best conditions, Playdigious invites you to its Last Days of Summer Sale.

Starting today and until September 13th, you can get any of our games at a discount going up to 90% off on all platforms.

10% off on Dead Cells on iOS and Android - Dead Cells' updates are coming to mobile!

40% off on The Almost Gone on Steam, Nintendo Switch, iOS and Android - Some new features have been added in The Almost Gone's latest updates, including a mini map to help you navigate more easily throughout the levels

30% off on Arrog on iOS and Android

40% off on Dungeon of the Endless on Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4

40% off on Turmoil on Nintendo Switch

80% off on Evoland on iOS and Android

80% off on Evoland 2 on iOS and Android

50% off on Cultist Simulator on iOS and Android

30% off on Cultist Simulator's DLCs on iOS and Android

80% off on Teslagrad on iOS and Android

80% off on OK Golf on Android

90% off on Pix the Cat on Nintendo Switch

Whether you dig Dead Cells' frantic action, Arrog's dreamlike beauty or the dark secrets of The Almost Gone, our Last Days of Summer Sale is the perfect opportunity to dive into Playdigious' catalogue."