Banana Rumble : une soundtrack sur vinyle chez iam8bit

SEGA et iam8bit annoncent une soundtrack sur vinyle limitée à 2.000 exemplaires pour Super Monkey Ball Banana Rumble. Les précommandes sont lancées dès à présent.

"Get ready for more potassium-powered panache: AiAi and friends are back! Super Monkey Ball Banana Rumble, the latest entry in SEGA’s stalwart simian series, has arrived, bringing with it that signature topsy-turvy chaos we’ve all come to know and love. iam8bit is excited to team up with frequent collaborator SEGA to bring Banana Rumble's awesome soundtrack to vinyl in an exclusive limited-edition release, available for pre-order today for $32.99.

Super Monkey Ball is synonymous with a certain type of sound, at once hectic, tropical, dancy, and dizzy. The music of Banana Rumble is no different, calling to mind both warehouse electronica and jazzy GameCube-era beats alike. Dance, roll, and groove with the Super Monkey Ball Banana Rumble Vinyl Soundtrack, a single disc packed with 17 of the game’s very best tracks and pressed on "Banana Split Green & Yellow" colored vinyl.

It’s the product of a veritable supergroup of composers: Yuri Fukuda, Tae Fujimoto, Kenichi Tokoi, Etsuko Shimada, Saori Yoshida, Yasuyuki Nagata, Hiro, and Ryo Fukuda worked together to bring you this phenomenal music, a worthy addition to Super Monkey Ball’s musical canon. Plus, iam8bit worked with album artist Colin Murdoch to craft another ape-tastic homage piece, in perfect line with their previous Super Monkey Ball release. You’d be bananas not to pick it up.

The Super Monkey Ball Banana Rumble vinyl soundtrack can be pre-ordered now on and is expected to ship Q4 2024.

Track List:

[Side A]

Title Theme

Menu Theme

Banana Farm

Rose Garden

Floating City

Golden Temple

Stone Valley

Neon Arena

Candy Castle

[Side B]




Banana Hunt


Robot Smash


Goal Rush"