Histoire du jeu Wolfchild sur Mega Drive

Mega Drive

As reviewed in GamePro
Graphics: 4.5
Sound: 4.5
Control: 4.5
Fun Factor: 4.5
Challenge: Adjustable

Here's why GamePro Magazine rated Wolfchild a straight 4.5 on its tough 5-point scale:

"Wolfchild packs enough lycanthropic chills and spills to make even Lon Chaney unhappy...

You really have power at your fingertips. Sly and Arnald can only dream of this kind of firepower...

The graphics in each stage are totally cool and colorful. The detail of the innovative mutants and scenery is excellent...

The plethora of mutants and hair-raising challenge will keep any beast entertained for hours."

GamePro Magazine
Feb. 1993

Screen 1: Dive into the Core and meet Draxx's most hideous experiments - including the salmonhead laser blasters
Screen 2: Begin your revenge quest on Draxx's battle cruiser and brawl against his deadly airbone assault squads
Screen 3: Weed your way throught the jungle while fending off volatile vegetation and heavily armed lizard mutants
Screen 4: Pray for your life in the Ancient Temple and splatter mutating larvae and man-sized cockroaches
Screen 5: Make it to the Chimeron base and trade firepower with trigger-happy fishheads and heavily "armed" octoheads
Screen 6: In Draxx's Lair battle body-snatchers and gargoyles before facing the psychopath himself