Histoire du jeu Toxic Crusaders sur Mega Drive

Toxic Crusaders
Toxic Crusaders
Mega Drive

Toxie and his pals fight the slime of the century! Gangs of radiation rangers, sent to earth to annihilate the toxic crusaders, are readying the planet for a takeover by alien smogulans. Tramaville is up to its trash-can lids in glowing gunk! The nuclear superheroes wage a clean-up war and accidentally board the smogulan space-craft. They end up battling for their lives on the most polluted planet in the universe! Hop on Toxies's mop totin' Atomic crusader-skater and bash the noxious bad guys! Zip through ooze on radioactive skates. Toss barrels of toxic muck. Leap rivers of steaming sewage. Grab the ennemy attack-copter and flatten the mutant pollutants!
Nozone spins on his wheelie footand spits proton globs. Sludge-licking junkyard punches, spin jumps, and whips out his whirling tongue. Toxie's pal bloodie bops alongside, chomping the slime-spreaders and outer-space scum. Get ready for 6 blazing levels of nuclear action and the final meltdown in czar zoster's putrid palace!