Histoire du jeu Sword of Vermilion sur Mega Drive

Sword of Vermilion
Sword of Vermilion
Mega Drive

Evil threatens the world of Vermilion. Armies of the evil king Tsarkon march in conquest. All hearts look to you , the son of good king Erik V, to end the madness!
From your beginnings in the humble village of Wyclif, you must search the world for the Eight rings of good. On the long road ahead you'll face treacherous governors and beast ten times your size! You'll travel to 14 towns, and battle through many dank, dangerous dungeons where death lurks around every corner!
Be ready for hundreds of hours of adventure gameplay! Save up to three different games with battery backup. A myriad of weapons, protection, magic spells and special items - use them wisely! At last, armed with the sword of Vermilion, you're ready to meet Tsarkon in the final struggle!