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Pirates ! Gold
Pirates ! Gold
Mega Drive

Anchors aweigh! The Golden Age of Buccaneering has returned with Pirates! Gold.
As a privateer captain, you'll criss-cross your way along the untamed Spanish Main in search of adventure! You'll lead your crew of wild buccaneers along the open seas of the 17th century Caribbean and into new harbor towns! And you'll risk your booty and your life in bold attacks upon ennemy ships!
Along the way, you'll cross cutlasses with scurvy noblemen! Hunt for magnificent treasures! Forge alliances with powerful dignitaries! And embark on rescue journeys that will put your courage to the test!
Will you win your rightful place in history? Or will you end up shipwrecked on a distant island? The answer can only be found in the swashbucking Pirates! Gold.

Screen 1: Visit distant harbor towns, each with its own dangers!
Screen 2: Bombard enemy ships with your cannons!
Screen 3: Risk losing it all in spectacular swordfights!