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Earnest Evans
Earnest Evans
Mega Drive

In the 1930'sfamed archaeologist Earnest Evans un-earthed his greatest challenge : three ancient idols that together could bring an end of life. The idols were scattered at random throughout the world by the god of the winds, Hastur, before its power was crushed. Yet Evans was injured before he could complete the search.
Fifty years pass and now it's up to Dr. Evans' grandson Earnest to save the world. But in his way are giants scorpions, humongus Venus Fly Traps and the thugs controlled by syndicate leader Brady Tresidder.
As young earnest Evans you will travel to the furthest reaches of the planet in serach of clues to contain the power of Mavur, which, if summoned, can wipe life clean off the surface and use Earth as a taxi to roam the universe forever.
- Make death-defying leaps using your hand-made chain weapon.
- Beat Tresidder to the punch by finding all three idols then rushing to darkest Peru for the final showdown with Mavur !