Histoire du jeu Beauty and the Beast: Roar of the Beast sur Mega Drive

Unleash the beast. Now you commmand all his power and fury - and you'll need every ounce of it. Because unless each battle is won, you'll remain a hideous Beast forever. First, protect your castle from hordes of vile beings -sinister creatures, vicious rats, blood-thirsty spiders! The battle rage through the dark, dusty castle. Then it spills out into the icy forest, as you leap from tree to tree, branch to branch. But watch out! Packs of hungry wolves are on the prowl. Now face the wrath oh angry villagers who've pillages your castle. Regain your stolen valuables with the help of lumiere, cogsworth and Mrs. Potts. The escape to the castle rooftop - only to confront gaston in hand to hand combat!
Summon all the brute strengh you can, because you're in for the fight of your life... and it's going to get ugly.