PSO 2 New Genesis : une nouvelle collaboration se révèle

La Team Phantasy Star va mettre en ligne aujourd'hui à 14H00 HF une nouvelle émission NGS Headline pour Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis.

La Team Phantasy Star va détailler les mises à jour de septembre 2023 et révéler par ailleurs une toute nouvelle collaboration.

Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis est lancé depuis le 9 juin 2021 sur Xbox One et PC Windows, et le 31 août 2022 sur PlayStation 4 en Occident.

"SEGA today shared a new NGS Headline, a program to inform players about the present and future of Sega's free-to-play online action RPG, PHANTASY STAR ONLINE 2 NEW GENESIS, with information on current operations, future updates, and campaigns. Today's NGS Headline outlined events coming to PSO2: NGS this Fall, such as the Autumn Event, Limited Time Quests, and AC Scratch Tickets! Watch the newest NGS Headline here.

Autumn '23 (September 6)

The Limited-time Event Autumn '23 will begin on September 6th. Autumn leaves will dance across the Aelio Region, and Central City will be transformed into an O-tsukimi, or moon-viewing, theme. Moongaze Rappy, Moongaze Emperappy, and Moongaze Great Rappy will all be joining us for this event. Players will enjoy gazing up at the moon with our cute, feathered pals.

Xitre is the navigator for this event and has a Happi coat with a Rappy drawn on the back. There seem to have been issues with the supply chain due to aggressive enemies so talk to Xitre to help out. The Augment Sezun Automfevre '23 is effective against Seasonal Enemies, so make good use of any weapons you have with it during this event.

Items available in the Seasonal Points Exchange Shop include the Stamp STP: Noroshi - Yummy! and items to change the Vital Gauge Design. There will also be alternative color Motion Change items and Portable Holograms. Players can also get Scratch Tickets to draw the Autumn '23 Special Scratch. In addition, the Alcinq weapon series will be available in all weapon categories for this season's event.

There will also be ARKS Records for the Field Race Dreisen Plant Board (Stage 1): Solo during this same period, so be sure to take on that challenge as well. A Limited-time Quest Drill: Unidentified Region A32 will also be available alongside this event. This is a Rapid Saturation Attack Mission-type quest, the same as the Drill: Crisp Autumn Aelio Defense and other previously released quests. Compete for Quest Points that you can earn by delivering the final blow to enemies. Completing this quest unlocks a Limited-time Quest and a Title Task, so take on the challenge and snap up Seasonal Points, Titles, and Autumn '23 SP Scratch Tickets! The Autumn '23 Special Scratch lineup includes new Weapon Camo and Music Discs, as well as Portable Holograms and other items.

Limited-Time Quest – Drill: Moonlight Invasion '23 (September 13)

Starting September 13th, a Limited-time Quest titled Drill: Moonlight Invasion '23 will be available. This is an update of a quest that was released last year where players will once again be able to enjoy co-op combat with those characters we've all missed. Enemy levels and rewards have been enhanced from last year's quest, so this is a quest you don't want to miss.There is also a new Limited-time Task and Title Task that can be unlocked by completing this quest.The ARKS Records for this event are for Trainia: Slope Style, for Solo and All Classes.

Limited-Time Quest - Caldera Clean-Up Op (September 20)

The Limited-time Quest: Caldera Clean-Up Op launches on September 20th. The quest is set in Stia and can accommodate up to 24 players. The Transport Trucks used by Supply Unit Traspo have broken down again, and the swarm of enemies and boss enemies turned Megalotix gathered there is getting larger and larger. Cover the Transport Trucks until they can be repaired, making good use of the falling Lava Bombs. Completing this quest will unlock Limited-time Quests and Title Tasks, so take on the challenge and snap up Seasonal Points, Titles, and Autumn '23 SP Scratch Tickets! ARKS Records will be held for the Field Race: North Aelio Board (Stage 1).

Limited-Time Quest – Drill: Autum Night Aelio Defense '23

Look sharp, ARKS! The Limited-time Quest: Drill: Autumn Night Aelio Defense '23 is coming straight at us! This is an enhanced version of the quest released last year, with boosted enemy levels and rewards. This quest is a Rapid Saturation Attack Mission, so aim to max out your Quest Points with decisive blows to destroy enemies! Plus, completing this quest will unlock Limited-time Quests and Title Tasks, so tackle the challenge to grab Seasonal Points, Titles, and Autumn '23 SP Scratch Tickets! ARKS Records will be held for Trainia: Vanishing Path II, for Solo and All Classes. Take up the gauntlet and give it a spin!"