PSO 2 New Genesis dévoile sa feuille de route

La Team Phantasy Star va mettre en ligne aujourd'hui à 14H00 HF une nouvelle émission NGS Headline pour Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis.

La Team Phantasy Star va détailler les mises à jour de juillet 2024, révéler de nouvelles collaborations, répondre aux questions des joueurs, diffuser un trailer officiel pour le nouveau système d’action et enfin dévoiler la feuille de route à partir de juillet 2024.

Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis est lancé depuis le 9 juin 2021 sur Xbox One et PC Windows, et le 31 août 2022 sur PlayStation 4 en Occident.

"SEGA today shared a new NGS Headline, a program to inform players about the present and future of Sega's free-to-play online action RPG, PHANTASY STAR ONLINE 2 NEW GENESIS, with information on current operations, future updates, and campaigns. Today's NGS Headline revealed the details of the Super Phantasy Festival campaign, Ultra PSO2 Day, Line Strike and more.

View all the updates coming to PSO2: NGS in today's NGS Headline.

Super Phantasy Festival

Starting on July 3, Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis will be holding a phabulous Super Phantasy Festival campaign to celebrate the 12th anniversary of PSO2. Central City will be illuminated and Region Mags will be adorned with special decorations. Coming to celebrate the 12th anniversary are the Ceremo Rappies, who appear all over Halpha. From July 3rd until July 31st, there will be a variety of campaigns each week where players will be able to get valuable gifts, as well as enjoy increased rate boosts. So get ready to party in NGS!

For this seasonal event, navigator Xiandy will have on her summer dress. Xiandy is investigating the movements of enemies that spawn in Halpha and the mysterious organism known as Lillipans that only appear during this period. Be sure to hear what she has to say and help her out. Visit Xiandy's Seasonal Points Exchange Shop to get a Hariette & Manon - 12th Anniv. Stamp, Augment Capsules useful for Duel Quests, and more.

The lineup will also include N-EX-Cubes and items for Tech Arts Customization. Try your luck with Super Phantasy Festival SP Scratch Tickets and draw special Scratch Tickets only available during this time. Additionally, the weapons from the new 9-star-Rarity Liuxtra series available from the Exchange Shop, have +90 Enhancement Lv. as well as Sezun Twelceremofiv and LC Augments already affixed, making for some battle-ready weapons! Complete limited-time tasks and Title Tasks to earn N-Master Cubes, Arms Refiner II, and the * Liuxtra Almati Weapon Camo.

In conjunction with the Super Phantasy Festival, PSO2: NGS be holding the 100 Million EXP! Rapid-fire Training Campaign for Beginners & Returning Players campaign on July 3rd.

Players will get N-EXP +100,000,000 when they reach Level 20 with any class. With that amount of N-EXP, they can jump from Level 20 to Level 87 instantly! New and returning players are invited to level up their characters quickly and try new content!

Ultra PSO2 Day

Ultra PSO2 Day will be held on July 1 and features infinite Bursts! For seven days, players can enjoy luxurious gifts and +200% boosts for Rare Drop Rate and Drop Item Preset Skill Rate. Additionally, starting on July 21, PSO2: NGS will be holding a Premium user-exclusive Ultra PSO2 Day! Players will be able to draw 10 free SG Scratch Tickets per day up to 150 times with up to 150 free draws! Players should take advantage of this opportunity to get avatar items and support items useful for enhancements.

Play in the Super Casino Campaign will be occurring during this time too. Players can get Casino Coin Passes each week as a gift just by logging in to a PSO2 Block. The amount of SG they can exchange for at the Prize Exchange Counter in the Casino area will also be significantly increased!

Line Strike

Starting July 10th, deck your opponents in the card battler Line Strike, a new community-based content. To get started with Line Strike, talk to the NPC Victoria in Central City. She'll tell you all about it! Take on Victoria's Side Task for a practical introduction to the basic rules of the game. Players can also get Card Scratch Vouchers by completing Line Strike-related Limited-time Tasks and Title Tasks. Collect Card Scratch Vouchers to draw Card Scratch Tickets, and use new cards to strengthen your deck.

There are various battle modes in Line Strike.

NPC Battle - perfect for practicing and testing your skills

Ranked Battle - compete against players at a similar skill level

Unranked Battle - jump into a game without worrying about how it will impact your rating.

Free Battle - battle against an opponent of your choice, regardless of skill level.

You can also view replays of your past battles and watch other players' battles.Customize the Line Strike battle screen by setting up Card Sleeves and Play Mats and enjoy Line Strike on your favorite battle screen.

Along with the introduction of Line Strike, players will also have access to a new Build Part, the Line Strike Playing Board. This Build Part has a built-in function that automatically launches a Line Strike Free Battle when two players sit down at it. Show that you want to play by having a seat in one of the chairs, and wait for an opponent to join you. There will also be an official Creative Space stocked with lots of Line Strike Playing Boards. Use it as a place to find opponents and meet up with friends.

Limited-Time Quest: The Twin-Horned Raven From Beyond

Get ready for the new Limited-time Quest: The Twin-Horned Raven From Beyond. This quest is a progressive challenge where ARKS try to defeat the Ruinus boss enemy Ruine Gryphon, known for its massive wings. The quest takes place at a different location every day, including the jungle, high mountains, and coast, with different characters joining the battle. By completing the Limited-time Task for this quest, players can also get Super Phantasy Festival SP Scratch Tickets and N-Augment Transfer Pass Vouchers. Up to 8 players can battle together simultaneously, so gather your party members and face off against new, powerful enemies that unleash various attacks!

Duel: Phase 5

In Duel: Phase 5, players will face off one-on-one against Venogia who closely resembles a powerful enemy that appeared in the Story Quests. Closely study Venogia's wide variety of actions to defeat it. By completing the Title Task achieved by beating Duel: Phase 5, ARKS will earn Title Icons themed around fire or the story character Meri. Players can also get valuable items such as Vital Gauge Designs featuring the Kvaris Leader Quintuplets, N-Augment Transfer Pass Vouchers, N-Master Cubes, and more."