PSO 2 New Genesis : un trailer pour un nouveau contenu

La Team Phantasy Star va mettre en ligne aujourd'hui à 14H00 HF une nouvelle émission NGS Headline pour Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis.

La Team Phantasy Star va détailler les mises à jour de mai 2024, dévoiler une nouvelle collaboration et diffuser un trailer pour un nouveau contenu prévu en juillet 2024.

Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis est lancé depuis le 9 juin 2021 sur Xbox One et PC Windows, et le 31 août 2022 sur PlayStation 4 en Occident.

"SEGA today shared a new NGS Headline, a program to inform players about the present and future of Sega's free-to-play online action RPG, PHANTASY STAR ONLINE 2 NEW GENESIS, with information on current operations, future updates, and campaigns. Today's NGS Headline kicked off Halpha's Super Origin Festival to commemorate the 3rd anniversary of NGS. This celebratory campaign includes limited time events, quests, rewards, boosts, and more through June 11.

Watch today's NGS Headline here.

From April 24th to June 11th, a variety of campaigns will be held, including weekly gifts of luxurious items and high-powered boosts. Starting today, the "Up to 150 free draws! Super 10-a-day! Free SG Scratch" allows players to draw 10 free SG Scratch Tickets per day up to 150 times during Halpha's Super Origin Festival. In addition to avatar items, support items useful for enhancements will be available, so I encourage those who want to strengthen their equipment to draw as many times as they can. A limited-time Item Recycle event will also be held, where all your unwanted SG Scratch Ticket Items can be exchanged for rare items like Emotes. This Item Recycle can be accessed through NPC Xiemi's Item Recycle option. Players can also partake in the Use the Salon to your heart's content! Campaign for unlimited Salon uses and weekly campaigns to give away phabulous gifts, so I hope you all will enjoy NGS ver.2 during this time!

The Revival SG Scratch Ticket: Halpha Revival Apr '24 will be available from April 24th! In addition to the SG Scratch Ticket prizes previously released in NGS making a comeback, players can also obtain Consumables useful for Enhancing Preset Skills, such as Preset Skill Item Protection/Lv.3. A free version of this Scratch Ticket will also be available during the distribution period where you can draw up to 10 times a day for free. Players can draw up to a total of 150 times over 15 days until June 4th when the distribution ends, so log in during this period to obtain oodles of items.

Starting April 29th, The Super Treasure Scratch & Pre-announced Urgent Quests will begin. The Treasure Scratch lineup will get a gorgeous renewal! Don't miss the Crouch Emote and other Scratch Count Bonuses! Running in tandem with this, players will be able to complete Pre-announced Urgent Quests twice! The Super Boost Campaign will give ARKs a powerful +150% boost to both the Rare Drop Rate and Drop Item Preset Skill Rate for all quests and Combat Sectors.

May Campaigns

From May 1st, there will be a Super Item Enhancement Support Campaign. Augmentation Success Rate and Preset Skill Enhance Success Rate will be significantly increased by +10%, and the various N-Meseta requirements for enhancement will be greatly discounted. This is a great opportunity to enhance all items.

Starting May 16th, the second half of the campaign will kick off with 2-a-day! Super Special AC Scratch Tickets. By completing Daily Tasks, players can earn Scratch Tickets equivalent to AC Scratch Tickets, so be sure to do them every day to get these items!

The Super Item Enhancement Support Campaign will be back on May 22nd. This is the perfect opportunity to enhance the equipment you get during Halpha's Super Origin Festival, so take advantage of it!

Super Pre-announced Urgent Quests start on May 29th. Planetcrusher Assault will occur at announced times, making it an Urgent Quest version of the ongoing High-difficulty Standing Quest: Planetcrusher Blitz, which will be introduced in the update information to follow. The Crimson Realm & Urgent Quest Super Boost Campaign will also begin on May 29th. The Crimson Realm will occur in Kvaris Combat Sectors, and we will have Super High Rate Boosts for the targeted Sectors and all Urgent Quests. The rare 11-star Wingard series weapons will be added to the drops of some enemies in the target Sectors of the Crimson Realm, so try to get them!

Catch all the updates coming to PSO2: NGS in today's NGS Headline.

Learn more about the 3rd anniversary here."