Clockwork Aquario en approche sur Xbox One et Xbox Series

Clockwork Aquario

ININ Games annonce la sortie de Clockwork Aquario sur Xbox le 7 décembre 2023. Il est paru sur PS4 et Switch fin 2021 et il arrive aussi prochainement sur Windows.

"The long-thought-lost arcade treasure and Guinness World Records holder for the longest game development time ever measured, Clockwork Aquario, is now ready to be released on Xbox on December 7, 2023! This gem shines brightly after 30 years of development through a collaboration between ININ, SLG, and the legendary Westone team. Choose your favorite character and conquer various enemies and unique bosses with Huck Londo, Elle Moon, or the giant robot Gush – alone or together with your favorite Player 2 in co-op mode! Jump and run through a colorful pixelated fantasy world, pick up and throw your enemies, hit multiple simultaneously to get a multiplier, and rack up your high score!"