C-Smash VRS ajoute des classements mondiaux

C-Smash VRS

C-Smash VRS de Wolf & Wood et RapidEyeMovers est mis à jour aujourd'hui avec des classements mondiaux, de nouvelles fonctionnalités d'accessibilité et plus encore.

"C-Smash VRS, the acclaimed VR reimagining of SEGA’s console and arcade icon Cosmic Smash – is expanding with a new way for players to put their skills to the test at the edge of space and time.

Combining a futuristic, low-gravity form of squash with timed block-breaking challenges, C-Smash VRS brings together the very best of racket sports and timeless action puzzle gameplay. Players can either play alone or forge a cosmic connection with a friend, exploring a variety of online versus and co-operative modes.

Global leaderboards have been added to Stage Select, Journey and Infinity modes, allowing players to challenge one another for top spot positions across the galaxy. Filtering options are also included for PS friends to challenge one another.

On top of the Leaderboards, new Accessibility features have been added - such as the ability to play with one hand only - as well as new voices and tweaks to the overall user experience.

C-Smash VRS includes several modes to enhance solo and multiplayer experiences. including Head-to-head, Firewall and Quickshot, Zen, Training as well as an Infinity fitness mode which challenges players to dodge and smash oncoming hazards.

The friendly Co-Op mode partners you with a friend side-by-side to try and reach the highest score, while an unforgiving AI BOT train you up for your next versus match against a human player.

An innovative wordless Emote system allows players to communicate online using their rackets as projectors. Leaderboards, player stats, a music player, multi-ball, portals, and stage select menus with over 140 levels add infinite replay value.

Created and published by RapidEyeMovers & developed by Wolf & Wood, C-Smash VRS is a labour of love by a team of international designers, artists, and musicians.

The game features original tracks by DJ Ken Ishii (Rez Infinite), synth master Danalogue (The Comet is Coming) and UK music legends UNKLE, adding a hypnotic pulse to the game’s striking environments – and making players move. C-Smash VRS is a new form of synaesthesia."