ACE Team dévoile The Deadly Tower of Monsters

Le studio chilien ACE Team, à l'origine de Zeno Clash ou Abyss Odyssey, dévoile son nouveau projet. Celui-ci sera une nouvelle fois édité par Atlus USA.

The Deadly Tower of Monsters est un titre téléchargeable pour PC et PS4 prévu en fin d'année. Il n'y a pas d'opus Xbox One en préparation. Il sera de plus jouable à l'E3 2015 dès la semaine prochaine dans sa version PC sur le stand Atlus.

Il s'agit donc d'un jeu d'action et d'aventure uniquement en solo, avec le charme des films de série B des années 70. Un trio d'aventurier est bloqué sur la planète Gravoria et pour s'échapper il faudra atteindre le sommet d'une tour infestée de monstres. Un premier trailer et des images sont d'ores et déjà disponibles.

"Who is Dick Starspeed?! Scarlet Nova - the space diva with a checkered past - and introducing… the robot! Amazing adventures! Strange drama! And more await in… The Deadly Tower of Monsters! The action-filled adventure game for Personal Computers and the PlayStation 4 entertainment system, coming this fall from Atlus and ACE Team to a downloadable terminal near you!

Marooned on the desolate planet Gravoria, the trio of adventurers find their only method of escape awaits at the top of a tower - a tower renowned for its deadliness and its propensity to be filled with monsters! Lizard-men! UFOs! Nuclear ants! Dinosaurs! Robot monkeys! All of these horrors await our intrepid adventurers as they ascend the deadly tower. Will they avoid their own doom? Find out this fall, only in theaters on PC and PS4!


Developed entirely in color thanks to the miraculous power of monsterama.

A hero's choice lasts forever! Or at least until the nearest sleep chamber where you can pick Starspeed, Scarlet, and yes, even the robot.

Watch out! Climbing to the top of the tower means you might fall off! But gravity is no foe to Dick Starspeed and crew; freefall to explore new areas and find incredible treasures.

It's a talkie with a laff-a-minute commentary from the director himself.

Blast 'em, Scarlet! A wide array of lethal weapons are in our heroes' arsenal to maim, shoot, and zap their way through all the enemies! Woe to those poor enemies who forget about their super secret powers to boot!"